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Being dragged kicking and screaming into this modern age, physical CDs are being discontinued, vinyl albums have become collector's items and cassette tapes are long gone. We are offering track downloading instead, vaguely similar to iTtunes but more friendly and a lot smaller.

Tracks are available for download now. Vinyl LPs used to average out to about 15 to 20 minutes per side. Some re-organisation of the albums has taken place but my two best-sellers, "BR3102 Pub Party" and "BR3101 At The Pub" were double albums and the digital versions contain over one hour of music each and cost 6.50 GBP, 8 euros or $10.00 ea. Smaller albums are less. For a list of albums and their content and some sound clips see the Downloadable Album list

How to order:

Send an email to me at bob@londonbobby.com. List which albums you want and you will receive a link from which you can download the music into your computer as MP3 files. You can play the files directly in your computer. Most computers today have a CD drive on which you can make a CD if you wish. MP3 files are easily copied to a portable device. Physical CDs are available from London Bobby on special order, price $20 each including postage and handling.

How to Pay:

You will receive separately a Paypal invoice for the total amount owing. You don't need to have a Paypal account to pay the invoice, it can be paid by credit card. Canadian customers can pay by bank Interact email to bob@londonbobby.com if they prefer.

Price List

Cat.No. Description Details Price
LB1Booze, Birds and Ballads Click here$6
BR3101AAt The Pub with London Bobby Vol. 1 Pub SongsClick here$10
BR3101BAt The Pub with LB Vol. 2, Back Room Ballads Click here$6
BR102Pub Party - London Bobby and Friends, full bandClick here$10
BR103At The Pub with Queen Anne, the Songs of Gracie Fields etc.Click here$10
BR104Banjos and BrassClick here$6
BR105Streets of London - Bobby sings balladsClick here$6
BR106Laughter in Paradise, London Bobby in Waikiki - comedyClick here$6
BR107Hawaii Live, Oh!, London Bobby, at the pub in WaikikiClick here$6
BR108Last Night at the Pubs, London Bobby and Friends, PatrioticClick here$6
BR109Scottish Gold, Pub, Music Hall and Trad, various artistsClick here$6
BR110Live at Expo'86, London Bobby at the pub in the British PavilionClick here$6
BR111You Must Remember This, Piano Solos Click here$6

Preferred methods of payment are through bank Interac email, Paypal, or credit card through Paypal.

Future: After some more procrastination video will be available, much is available now for free on Youtube.
Search on Youtube for "London Bobby" or "Barrerboy2".

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