Hello and welcome to Joe Guy's Sports Betting Web Site.

'Joe Guy' is a theoretical member of the sports betting public. He makes bets with a bookie at the standard odds of 11 to 10, that is, he has to bet 11 dollars in order to win 10. If he loses, he loses the 11 dollars.

This web page follows his year as he plays the NFL, the NBA, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and English Premier League Soccer starting with a bankroll of $1,000 for each sport.

However, unlike the average member of the sports betting public, he make two changes in his behaviour.

One - he is smart enough to only ever bet about four percent of his bankroll, or $40, per game no matter how attractive the bet is and

Two - My software picks all his bets for him.

You can look around all the league pages and the forums. But as an unpaid member you can't read the latest messages and you can't post.

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Joe Guy's 2008 National Football League Season

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Joe Guy's 2008 National Basketball Association Season
Joe Guy's 2008 NCAA Football League Season
Joe Guy's 2008 NCAA Basketball Season
Joe Guy's 2008 English Premier League Season

About me

My name is Terry Smith. I have been writing software for betting sporting events since the 80s, when I started with a QBASIC program on an IBM XT clone with a 10 MB hard drive.

I have since moved this program to Visual Basic, then Java and now, Ruby. The hardware has changed from a 8088 chip to a 286 then a 386 and now a series of Pentiums.

I have never stopped studying, developing and improving this model.