Picture Robert Smith at the piano  A Talent to Amuse
A Sophisticated Evening with
Robert Smith

No ordinary singer-pianist, in addition to the usual piano bar repertoire of mellow ballads he has another side, a special interest in rare and unusual songs, some dating back 100 years. These rare songs and the sardonic ditties of Tom Lehrer and Noel Coward, etc. keep the audience diverted and fascinated.
Robert Smith plays and sings and reminisces about Broadway and the 60s and 70s with skill, ease and panache and a very pleasant listenable voice. Broadway shows are reprised with stories about the production and the stars. Think Victor Borge, add a good baritone, keep the quirky sense of humour, subtract some (alright, quite a lot!) of the classical virtuosity and substitute a cool jazzy style, delivered with a smile. Robert Smith is the creator of the London Bobby character which has earned him a gold record and plum bookings. As London Bobby he starred in the British Pavilion at Expo'86 where he entertained Prince Charles, Princess Diana and a huge daily crowd of visitors, including celebrities, dignitaries and royalty from all around the world.

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Since 1990 Robert Smith has played on the QE2 and other elegant cruise ships all over the world. (see QE2), appearances on land are mostly at conventions and at private parties on beautiful grand pianos in some of the most stately homes in Canada and the U.S.

The instrument of choice is, of course, a grand piano but Robert is equally adept on a digital keyboard whenever a real piano is not available.

As London Bobby, Robert Smith has headlined: