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Heather Bellene, Concert Pianist

Eighty-eight keys,
one hand!

The Andante Finale from the opera Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti, arranged by Theodor Leschetizsky for the left hand, is a challenge for the most gifted concert pianist. Watch Heather Bellene's impressive and moving interpretation.

Still photo by Mike Lewin.

Videos by Margaret and Jette

A child prodigy at the age of three, Heather's talent was polished at the Royal College of Music in London and displayed in concerts at Wigmore Hall and other prominent venues in England and Spain and on cruise ships around the world.

Heather Bellene plays classical music with grace and verve, Chopin, Liszt, and other masterpieces, filled with the melodies that live forever in our souls. She is the opening act for The Three Pianists Concert and she sets a high standard of virtuosity for the other two to follow.
Information: email: heatherbellene@gmail.com TEL: (Spain +34) 952 777 170, The Three Pianists, Marbella, Spain Back to The Three Pianists