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and emails pour in asking for information on old songs and old singers. If you know the answer to any of these please email me at: bob@londonbobby.com
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Here's a sampling of a few inquiries:-

Hello London Bobby.
I grew up listening to your albums (my Mum is a big fan, and still is)
 and I can remember some of the lyrics from one of the songs from one
 of your first albums but cannot remember the song title or the 
remainder of the lyrics. The one that I am trying to remember has the 
lyrics of  "for the happiest times in my life I dare say is when 
showing young maidens the way, Oh I ad her, I ad her, I ad her, I did, 
I upped and I showed her the way".

If you know the song or the lyrics could you send them to me or post them please?
Best Regards (and hope to catch you show soon.)
Wayne Perry.
Answer: The song was called "The Somerset Folk Song" and it
was on my very first album, only 1000 copies made. I got it from a 
Peter Sellers album, I think it was called Swinging Sellars.
I will have to look it up, haven't sung that song for years but I think 
I should put it in show again - if I get a rowdy crowd. 

Hi, I want to sing a song at my mums 75th next saturday but cant remember the words. it begins 
"mary ellen with her nose turned up 
her mother turned up and her father turned up" 
and ends "they found him in the river with his toes turned up".
can you help me please. Peter.
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At 08:05 PM 8/14/01, you wrote:
hello, would it be possible for you to send me the
words to the song barefoot days when we were.......
i remember my mum sang this to me and i would love to
sing this to my daughter now but i only know the
 i do hope you can help   regards

              jo-ann from liverpool 
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Dear Sirs,
I am trying to trace the origin of the phrase '...Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away.' It has been referenced to a music hall song in the 20s and it suggests that it was originally a form of folk song which has its' origins in the trenches during the First World War. Can you give me any further information? Or perhaps a suggestion of someone who can. There is no great, dramatic point to my enquiry - I merely wonder where this time-honoured phrase comes from. Many thanks. Richard Devenport-Ward, 25, Poynder Place, Hilmarton, Wilts, Telephone: 01249 760627
Dear London Bobby:
We are in desparate need of the words and music to "Knees up Mother Brown" an old english pub song. I see you have it listed on your web site however we need this by Sat September 23, 2000 Could you possibly put me in touch with an outlet in Phoenix Arizona USA so that we could purchase it here or possibly a rush order from you. Thank you. Tammi Hoard
Have you got the words to My Dear Old Dutch???? I think there was a pre-amble to it, before he broke into `we've been together now for forty years...' My Mate has said he'll sing it at an upcoming 40th anniversary, but the daft beggar doesn't know all the words 8-). Cheers. Tom (Scouser), Oakville, Ontario
I'm an Italian student who is here in England to find material about Vesta Tilley and British Music Hall for my dissertation in Italy. Unfortunately, until now I haven't found a lot of information so if you could helph me it wiil be a great thing for me! Thank you, Rossella Aristipini
Please excuse this unsolicited e-mail. I am trying to find some information on the Bob Pender troupe who performed in the British music halls around about the 1920s. I am led to believe that my grandfather was in the troupe, hence the interest. I hope you can give me some info about the troupe or where to look for info. Many thanks. Rob.

My reply:
Sorry, no reference to Bob Pender Troupe in any of my books. You may get some help from the nice people at the British Music Hall Society. The Hon. Sec. is Daphne Masterton, send an S.A.E. to her c/o Brodie & Middleton Ltd , 68 Drury Lane, London WC2b 5SP, telephone 0171 836 3289. Cheers, London Bobby.

At 04:36 AM 7/31/01, you wrote: Do you know where I can obtain a video copy of the Wilson Keppel & Betty - Sand Dance?? I have been told that this has been performed by a few people and a copy by anyone performing it would do. Many thanks. Rachel
From: "stephen machin"  
To: bob@londonbobby.ca 
Subject: sand dance - cleopatra's nightmare 
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 22:04:11 -0800 

wrt a request from "rachel" (?)
Wilson Keppel & Betty - sand dance - cleopatra's nightmare

i have found this site

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