Queen Elizabeth II

A crossing on the QE2 is definitely a formal experience, and most evenings' dress requirements are listed as formal in the daily program. Entertainment is geared for an older passenger mix and you won't find "whacky and wild pool games" on this ship. Most men don tuxedos, while the ladies pull out their finest ball gowns for a night of dancing and merriment in the many elegant lounges and dance venues onboard. The ship really comes alive in the evenings with music and entertainment and London Bobby's claim to fame is that he inspired a pub full of these sophisticated people to get up and do the "Hokey Cokey" and even "Knees up Mother Brown" in the Golden Lion Pub in the middle of the Atlantic!

Afternoon tea is a time-honored tradition and quite a production. Waiters line up in the front of the Queen's Room and then parade to their individual stations to pour tea and offer trays of hors d'oevres. Occasionally London Bobby was tagged to provide the musical background for this elegant affair that is very, very popular with passengers. Occasional gigs in the Chart Room and the Crystal Bar utilised London Bobby's quieter classical and jazz repertoire but mostly he could be found headlining the Golden Lion Pub with his mix of singalong and music-hall songs and comedy.

London Bobby has been presenting his comedy, songs and piano stylings on cruise ships since 1996, with Holland America Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Cunard. To book London Bobby contact:

email: bob@londonbobby.com
Tel: (416)206-8562

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