Bob and Vicky

Pearly Queen Vicky is my lovely wife and a Cockney and a charmer in her pearly dress and fancy hat. She comes as an optional extra to the London Bobby Pub Show. In the show she aids and abets audience participation and the performance in general and adds that extra sparkle.

Vicky is from Peckham, a Londoner through and through and proud of her Cockney heritage. She is a great help keeping me in the authentic London tradition in spite of living abroad for so long. She is a whiz with the sewing machine and makes some of the gear I wear in my shows.

The picture shows Vicky and I on our red, white and blue bicycle built for two. During Expo'86 in Vancouver we lived about half a mile away on Pacific Boulevard. Parking a car at the site was out of the question. I'm sure we raised a few eyebrows as we flew to the show every evening on the tandem.

1998 London Bobby Entertainment. The character London Bobby is the creation of Hugh Robert Smith. All rights reserved.

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