The London Bridge

The London Bridge, the stone one, next one along from the Tower Bridge, was being demolished to make way for a new one when Mr McCullough (of chain-saw fame) bought it, took it to pieces and, at enormous expense, moved it to America. Once there they put it up in the middle of the desert, scraped away the sand from underneath and put a lagoon there. Funny people, these Americans. They are looking after it, it's nicely lit up at night. However, they do bake it every summer, it never experienced that in London. You can see it at Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Nearby is a nice English pub-style restaurant and a little piece of ground which is officially British soil. Best time to visit; October.

The Tower Bridge This is the bridge Arizona didn't get. You can walk across the connector at the top, one of London's better cheaper adventures. No lifts though, you have to walk up. The cocky bloke in front of the Tower Bridge is me in my new whistle, (whistle and flute, suit) around 1971. Before I got it I was wearing my Dad's. There are 4000 mother-of-pearl buttons on this coat, 5000 on my Dad's.

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updated Sep 7, 2004